3 Mistakes you are making with your Cotton Underwear

Men's Underwear

We all make mistakes. Mistakes are the integral part of life that make you a better person because it is what makes you realize where you went wrong and how to actually rectify the problem. Whether it is about your personal choices or your clothing, mistakes must first be avoided and if not avoid you can always learn from the already-made mistakes. Talking about your intimate fashion, your men’s underwear matter a lot and this is one genre where mistakes happen every now and then.

Going a little deeper, men’s cotton underwear is considered to be the world’s most appreciated and loved fabric and that’s why men prefer cotton below the belt. However, the mistakes still follow. You should learn from your mistakes and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here.

Every cotton is not cotton


You might just believe what the other person is selling you looking at the label that boasts about being 100% cotton. Haven’t we all fallen for this trap? Yes! It is foolishness to believe that every tag that says “cotton” is actually cotton. The touch of the fabric is what will decipher whether it is actually cotton or a blend of some other fabric (in larger or equal amount) as cotton.

Washing it the wrong way

Washing it the wrong way

The next mistake that you make with cotton made male thongs or the brief underwear is that you wash them the wrong way. How do you wash them? Soak them in water for a while, rub as well as scrub them and run under the water. However, when you first buy the fabric style, you can soak the same in salt water for sometime that it doesn’t lose its shape or color and then wash it the way you want. The salt/water washing is only done the first time you buy it.

Picking the wrong size

Picking the wrong size

This is one of the gravest mistakes that probably every person makes at least once in his lifetime. The wrong size can do a lot bad to you than the other mistakes. You need to rectify the mistake by actually sizing yourself to the best. You need to find the ideal size and buy the pair that has room for your comfort or else if the fabric shrinks, you will be in for some serious trouble.

Once rectified, you will be able to master the art of wearing the most preferred and an incomparable fabric style.


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