Underwear trends for Summer

You might just think that “what’s with the ‘trends’ in men’s underwear style? After all, a brief would always remain a brief no matter what the season is”. Well, you’re somewhat correct because that’s what a layman would think of.

But, if you think like this, you certainly are missing some hottest trends that this summer season calls for. And, we’re not talking about just the fashion underwear styles, it is about anything that the intimate wear industry comes across.

Jump on the bandwagon and prepare to feel the thrill and wear your knowledge cap and pick the trend that suits your personality as well as likes.

1. Functional shapewear

Not very manly for some and very tacky for others, men’s shapewear is something that has made its way to the industry but hasn’t been able to make its way to men’s hearts. Whether it is the girdles for men or the butt boosting underwear, men believe in keeping things straight.

Intymen Butt Boost Boxer White.jpg

Summer calls for shapewear style that makes your skinny jeans look appropriate on your legs.

2. Lace underwear

Good Devil Lace Jockstrap White

Next in queue is the collection of lace underwear for men which certainly deserves to be in the summer trends. With reasons like sheer underwear properties, base fabrics like cotton or nylon, and availability of styles from the conventional briefs to skimpy g-string underwear, lace should be on your summer list.

3. Pouch underwear

Daniel Alexander Protrude Pouch Thong Navy

Not to leave behind the star attraction of the whole below the belt fashion, men’s pouch underwear cannot be ignored in the trends. Summer is a time when your manhood faces a lot of chafing, rashes, and itchiness. It is exactly why you need a pouch that will lift the manhood to a visible position and keep it there for a bigger bulge as well as a pleasing personality.

4. Low rise underwear

Obviously Geometric Low Rise Bikini Brief Yellow

High waist apparel styles are outdated now and so are the mid waist pieces. Now is the time to invest in low rise underwear styles that have the benefit of riding low on your waistline and keeps it sitting even when you indulge in various activities like bending, stretching or any other form.

Which is the summer trend that you want to follow? Do let us know in the comments below.


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