Sports Inspired Fashion: 5 Trends To Stay With Us

Changing the wardrobe and ditching the things they are using, is the very first thing that men refuse to do. No matter what, trying the things that are different from usual and beyond their comfort zone is always difficult for them. Thus, it is advisable to invest into the things that may stay in trend for longer period of time. Listed below are some of the sports inspired fashion items that are expected to stay with us for long. Check them out.


Hoodies redefined

The hoodies and sweatshirt has been in the vogue for quite sometime. However, the very apparel has been redefined these days. The sports inspired hoodies were initially baggy and way too laid back in their appearance. It won’t be wrong to state that they were a bit boyish in appearance. The style of the sweatshirts have been redefined and they are now a bit more slicker and sophisticated. It need not be mentioned that this is one apparel that style that is expected to stay in trend for the years to come. Some of the hoodies even are sleeveless which are stylish and athletic at the same time. So, investing in a trendy tee with hood is a wise decision.

Camouflage prints

Camouflag Print

While the men’s fashion was mostly restricted to the solid shades, the sport inspired style brought prints and patterns into the trend. Earlier there was a trend of bright and bold colors along with logo t-shirts. However, with time the loud fashion has become obsolete to a very large extent. The camo prints are one of newest introduction in industry which is expected to stay in trend. The camouflage print is available in tops, bottoms and even men’s underwear style. The men’s brief underwear has always been a choice for the athletic male due to it’s fitted looks. These undies are even feature camo prints in them.

Polo shirts

Polo Shirts

The polo t-shirts is one of the most sophisticated introduction in casual clothing category for men. The subtle patterns and the masculine shades of the polo shirts are at par stylish and elegant at the same time. The colored tees were kind of an revolution in the industry where casual was all about the laid back appearance. The best thing about this sports style is the fact that it can be used even for the semi-formal events. The versatile apparel can be paired with jeans, chinos and even trousers as well as shorts.

Tailored joggers

Tailored Joggers

The yoga pants and the casual loose fitting casual trousers were the first choice of the athletic guys initially. However, with time the trend of baggy clothes seems to be fading away and for good reasons. Turns out the well-tailored apparel are much more stylish than the former one. This is the reason tailored jogger are being preferred for gym, jogging and other sports activities. This is expected to be a choice for the casual occasion and strenuous activities in the years to come for it’s owning to the stylish appeal as well as cozy construction.

Track jackets

Track Jacket

The bomber jackets are now being replaced with the sleek, yet sporty styles of track jackets. These jackets are not very bulky in appearance, but are as athletic in appearance as any other sportswear. At the same time, there are jackets available that can even be worn during the hot days of summer. Thus, with versatility and alluring pattern, the track jacket will surely upgrade your closet.

Have you in sync with the trends to follow this season and for the years to come? Share your views about these fashion quotients in the comment below.


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