Summer office formal: Things you need to know

Clothing is a form of self-expression. Thus, it is important to get dressed in the way you want to be addressed. This is the reason why it becomes important to dress formally at workplaces. While for the Fall, donning the office attire is easier, for Summer it becomes a bit tricky. The fashion quotient as well as the elegance and sophistication required for a professional look should be kept in place without compromising the comfort.


Here are some tips and tricks that every men should know, when it comes to Summer office formals. Have a look.

Go for polo


Some of the companies have casual environment. You can wear whatever you want to. The choice becomes easier in such cases. You can pair an elegant t-shirt with a clean pair of jeans or even a well-tailored trouser. However, the problem arises when you have to don a formal look. For men the polo shirts are one of the most versatile option, regardless of the occasion. This is one style of t-shirt that looks perfect when paired with a suit. Wear a light-colored polo shirt and team it up with contrasting trouser and coat. This is perfect summer attire.

Stay light

Stay Light.jpg

Even though the season calls for bright and bold shades, sticking to the conventions is the best option. Choose light shades of shirts and are soothing, stylish as well as comfortable, all at the same time. The subtle shades like white, turquoise, and even pink, lemon are some the best options for the season. The bright colors absorb light and heat. Other than this, you can use clothing that have light colors with the dark patterns. The check style and stripe patterns are the best options that can stylize you with ample comfort.

Consider fabric


Fabric is undoubtedly the king. Especially, during this season layering becomes a problem. Moreover, putting on layers is inevitable for formal occasion. So, make sure that you choose the right fabric. If you are suppose to wear a suit, then, go for materials like linen and rayon. Choose the right material and you’ll be able to don a formal look in the best possible way. The blazers for summer and that of the fall are different. So, make sure that you make your choices by considering these aspects.

Layer sensibly

Layer Sensibly.jpg

While wearing suit should be optional during this season, it becomes a compulsion at some formal occasions. Pair a smarter jacket with a more casual chinos and shirt. You can even team up the suit with a t-shirt. Wear the suit without a tie to create a smart office wear look. The lowest layer, that is the style of men’s underwear should be chosen carefully. Going with the skimpy cuts like men’s thongs or brief underwear is ideal option. However, some men prefer adding value to the assets. The padded underwear for men are perfect solution for this. Check the fabric of the same. Going with the undies that have removable pads are a good option as it can be removed whenever needed.

Keep your feet cool

Cool Footwear.jpg

Most of the heat enters your body through the feet. So, make sure that you keep your feet cool. You can at times wear sandals and slippers with the casually smart office attires. If you are wearing formal shoes that the socks should be lightweight. You need to mix and match the attire in the way that the casual footwear can be sported. The lace up loafers are even an ideal option for this look. Groom your feet properly and wash them with cold water at least twice a day. This is one of the summer hacks that can keep you cozy.

What fashion trends are you following this Summer? Share your comments in the section below.


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