8 Common mistakes newbies make in Bodybuilding

8 Common mistakes newbies make in Bodybuilding

Everything in life is learned by experiences. If you want to learn the art of body building, it is too an art that needs a lot of patience, dedication, hard work to attain the goal that you are looking forward to. You miss out on either of the three characteristic traits, you’ll end up ruining your regime and your physique as well. It is quite habitual of man to make mistakes in every possible genre. Whether it is their personal life, professional life or love life, they make mistakes and body building is not what’s left out of the squad. It is okay to make mistakes but then there are those which give false hopes and expectations.

If you are reading this blog, I’m sure you are considering bodybuilding for yourself. That’s a great news because it is always good to love your body and make the most of it. However, there are certain things that you must not commit because they’re considered to be grave mistakes. Being a newbie in bodybuilding, abstain from making the following mistakes and focus on the long-term goals that will get you the attention you deserve.

Mistake-1: Unrealistic goals

Like every other teenager, I too made unrealistic goals when I started off building up my physique in the desired shape. I thought that every gym or studio guarantees the desired muscle gain and that’s exactly how things work. What I forgot was that every person is different and their respective bodies are as unique as they are and hence, the muscle-building process differs from person to person. Do not opt for a goal that isn’t acceptable at all or takes a toll on your body rather than taking you forward in the right direction. My suggestion would be that you take note of your weight and click photos of yourself every 4-5 weeks. This would help you understand the difference between the old you and the new you. If you aren’t happy/satisfied/unsure with the results, you can even take measurements of the different body parts and be assured that slow and steady, you’re on the right path.

Mistake-2: Impatience

If you take a closer look at the process of gaining weight and building the muscles the right way, you’d be able to get a clearer picture that it is more like farming the fields. If you really want your ground to bear good food, you have to work extremely hard for the same. From sowing to the reaping, every small action counts with the same intensity. Likewise, when it comes to bodybuilding, eating right, having the right amount of water, exercising enough and everything counts with the same importance. However, there’s no shortcut in attaining the desirable physique and you have to go through this lengthy process.

However, the newbies are all about taking shorter routes and hog on food, exercise way too much and do everything in excess believing that things will work better. Well, that’s not how things work in here. Have the patience and do what your trainer asks you to and eventually things will fall into place.

Mistake-3: Either eating a lot or starving

When it comes to bodybuilding, it is understood that the respective person has to gain weight and go BIG. In order to go big, the person has to eat the desired amount of calories per day that is suitable for his body type. Guys these days hog on food like they’ve never seen it before. However, they forget that they have to take the RIGHT calories rather than just calories. Too often, the new ones get confused between building their body right and taking a high amount of calories they steer their regime in the wrong way.

On the other hand, there are those who quit eating high-calorie foods and switch to salads and everything that is no or minimal calorie count. Under-eating is as bad as overeating is and have their own consequences. Hence, you should not take the shortcut and strict to your diet plans made by your trainer to get better results.

Mistake-4: Not drinking enough water

Did you know that our bodies are made of 75% water? You might know this common fact but you certainly ditch the fact that muscles too have water and if you don’t drink a lot of lot, you won’t expand or gain weight the right way. Eating a lot of food with little or no water can lead to constipation and other body functioning problems. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to shedding some weight (which is also a part of bodybuilding), water helps you on the various fronts. From curbing your hunger pangs by filling that gap to providing you the essential nutrients, water plays and important part in shaping your body the right way.

Mistake-5: Inconsistency

Consistency is the biggest test for a new joiner in the bodybuilding race. The one who perseveres in the face of delayed onset muscle soreness is the ones who would prosper. There’ll be those who would want to carry on working out when his muscles are hurting. However, training in that period is not what would give prosperous results. You must know that when you have to indulge in the workouts and when to stop in order to give time to your muscles to get used to the same. Let yourself heal to the fullest and get back to your training. There are those newbies who in terms of flaunting would indulge in picking weights that are not meant for them rather than using the ones that are. You must abstain from using your head here and completely understand that you might rupture your muscles while making this mistake and that definitely won’t have a happy ending.

When you are completely healed, get back on your feet and hit the gym. Compensate for the time that you were busy resting and giving time to your body to heal properly. However, indulge in the right exercises and weights to avoid hurting the same spot or even a new one.

Mistake-6: Lack of sleep

There is no diet in the world that would ask you to sleep only 3 hours a day or 4 hours a day. Sleep for the newbies or the ones who have spent their life doing bodybuilding is equal and very necessary. If you are a teen and working towards the same goal, you might want to consider sleeping well because if you don’t, your growth hormones would stop working. For the adults, not getting enough of sleep will have adverse effects on your body and the peace of mind. Eight to nine hours of sleep at night will give you the best results that you’re looking forward to but don’t take this too lightly and stretch your sleep to ten hours or eleven hours which again would have adverse effects.

Mistake-7: Not taking supplements

Men who follow their diet plans religiously too have some of the other shortcomings. That’s exactly why supplements were introduced to the man. The supplements work towards filling those gaps that are left unfilled because of our diet regimes. Every athlete and sportsperson depend on supplements to fulfill their needs of attaining the right results.the newbies might get scared of all the expenses and doubts about the variety of them available in the market, but make sure you take the ones recommended by your trainer. Taking any other supplement might cause you trouble hence, choose the one that is recommended.

Mistake-8: Thinking that supplements would be sufficient

Advertising these days has gone long and far when it comes to alluring their customers. The ones new in bodybuilding are often led by the advertisers and they believe that only supplements would be enough to make them look how they want to. Supplements are definitely necessary for your desirable shape but it isn’t the only thing that will work towards in achieving what you want. You have to work equally hard at the gym, eat well, drink well, sleep adequately and avoid a lot of things like alcohol in order to achieve results. It is definitely a part of your healthy regime but surely the only factor that can give you results in the long run. Supplements solely would not do anything for you.

Are you a newbie who looks forward in indulging in bodybuilding? You must take these mistakes a little more seriously than you think they are. As newcomers, the chances of falling prey to one of them or a majority of them is quite obvious. Being aware of such mistakes can be beneficial for you and your health regimes. Hope you have a successful time transforming your body into something that you’ve always desired.


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