Want peace of mind?- Slow down, simplify, and clear your mind!

Sometimes. All you need to do is step outside, get some air, clear your mind and remind yourself who you are, and who you want to be. – Anonymous

Have you ever- like ever in your life thought that whatever essential or important things come in your life are difficult? Well, that’s a common notion which you connect with your personal experiences. For example, whether it is setting up your own business or getting married to the person you love, both the situations are equally important in their terms but are very difficult to handle.

In all this while, we all know how difficult it is to find the path to success but it is ‘us’ who make it more complicated than it actually is. Hence, it is important for us to stop over-thinking about what things are and how they’ll be if you really want to step forward and get going in the best of health as possible.

Slow down if you really want to speed up the results

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I remember one of my music teachers telling that you play drums really well. I thanked her for being my master and teaching how it all worked. She once said- “the beauty of the music doesn’t lie in the drums that you play, it is all about the pauses that you give while playing them. That’s the same when you sing. It is not the times you are singing but how you pause and take breaks from the same.

Then my passion changed from singing to writing but these stresses and pauses stayed with me. I made sure that when I paused, my reader would pause with me and think about what the meaning as well as the message that I try to put across.

I always thought that the information mattered a lot while saying something to the readers. However, I was wrong because you would come and read my personal experience rather than some bookish knowledge that I throw at your faces. Hence, I started to slow down and think about how my readers would be benefited with what I wrote and there I found my success stepping in.

I had to read so, experience so much and also connects it with one’s personal life that it almost felt real. Moreover, slowing down with whatever you’re doing will directly or indirectly be a benefit for you and your success.

Simplify and don’t try to keep control of everything

Simplify, man Giphy

Making things difficult has always been the nature of man and my experiences of being a failed artist as well as the struggling writer (in the start) is a clear example of the same. One of the reasons of the difficulty was that we try to keep a hold on some things that aren’t meant to be controlled at all. Once let loose, you’ll be able to explore what those characteristics hold in for you.

Being simple in whatever you do is the key to doing it right! Simplicity in itself is the factor that puts everything straight without having any alterations done to them. I learned this trait at a retreat where the preacher said- whether you hold your ear by stretching your arm from the back of your head or simply hold it from the front, the ear is touched. What matters is that when you have the simpler option, why would you want to complicate it in the first place?”

Having a positive outlook towards others and everything going around you will make you feel energetic as well give you a better perspective towards life. All you need to do is- stop making things difficult for yourself. Because it won’t do any good to you!!

Clear your mind to feel refreshed

Clear your mind Giphy

Have you ever felt that your head was too preoccupied with stuff that didn’t even matter to you? If you just said “yes”, you’re not the only one in battle.

With so many roles to be played at once- being a brother, son, husband, boyfriend, friend and much more isn’t an easy task. You have your struggles of personal life and professional life that push you from both the sides and as a result, you are stressed and prone to falling apart.

Don’t struggle with life and learn to let go of factors that bother you so much. Though you can’t just push away the relationships but balancing them is definitely an option for you. What must you do in order to clear your mind from all this?

There are various ways to feel the refreshed and less chaotic in your head.


If you have time and believe that you can make a difference in your life, meditation is the best practice to keep you on your toes. It not only declutters your mind from all the unnecessary things, it’ll help you have a better outlook towards life and relationships.


In continuation of the above practice, yoga has numerous benefits of healing your soul as well as providing your mind clarity to be objective and unbiased towards life. With so many different yoga practices, you can choose the ones that suit your situations.

Dress well

When your mind is full of things that are taking more of you and giving stress in return, pampering yourself is one thing that can help. Dressing well and shopping are practices that give you happiness because if you’ll look good, you’ll definitely feel good about yourself. And, that’s exactly what the bottom line is. We’re not asking you to become a shopaholic but taking some time in dressing the way you want will help you face the world in a better way.

Enjoy your quiet time

Give yourself time and most importantly, quiet time that’ll help you decipher your inner self and let you introspect. This, in turn, will make you feel a more confident and strong person from within.

Are there any other things you can do in order to feel good? Do let us know in the comments below.

Make yourself a better person by decluttering your life and simplifying things around you.


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