The Best and Worst Underwear trends of the time

Men love to get dressed from top to bottom and with time, the concept has changed to – from underneath to the outside. The challenges thrown by the men’s underwear industry with the changing trends has made men quite capable of having an underneath worth taking care of. Not only this, the trends have the capability to either handsomify your below the belt or make you look absolutely absurd.

 In every genre or forte, you’d find both goods and bads. Your fashion underwear industry is no different than any. Recently I was going through some blogs and came across a set of bizarre pieces worth sharing a laugh at. However, you had days where there wasn’t anything to look up to and you’ve witnessed the time when your wardrobe is overflowing. In all the time, there have been the best of trends that are still going strong whereas; the worst ones which saw their drastic downfall.

Best Trends


Talking about the best trends, sheer underwear is one of those that have made their place not only in the top drawer but in the hearts of men. With a lot of innovations using the respective fabric (from inserts to complete see through panels), you sign up for something quite exotic.


Things get better when you start pampering your assets with something very comfortable and supple. The collection of men’s lace underwear has taken the world by its craze. The sophistication of the styles with the intricate detailing on the not-so-showy fabric. Available in a gamut of styles from the basic briefs to the revolutionary g-string underwear, you have a plethora of options.

Cotton underwear

Now that doesn’t call for a surprise but it definitely is a blessing that someone thought about incorporating the fabric for men (and women). With the best fabric that features all the traits that a male anatomy looks out for. From the breathability to moisture absorbency and comfort, everything you get in men’s cotton underwear.

Enhancing underwear

Well, that came as a revolution in the industry where the manhood looked out for visibility and it was granted in the form of enhancing underwear for men. With a gamut of options that pooled in with time, now you have everything from contouring pouches to built in c-rings and shaping ones as well.

Men’s panties

What? Haven’t you heard about men’s panties before? You must because the collection has arrived and it is meant for men who like to keep their manhood in a lingerie-like feeling. You might have so many doubts about panties, you can click here and know them all.

Worst Trends

Edible underwear

Have you ever tasted your bikini underwear or briefs for that matter? Well, you might have had but not eaten it up (in the literal sense). There was a trend when edible underwear was introduced that was made of processed meat. You had the freedom to wear it, eat it and get over with it. Now that’s what we call decluttering.

I guess we’re not completely done with the list, but this is what bizarre counts for us. Do you have any other best or worst trends to share? Do let us know.


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