8 No-fail tips to look pleasing top to bottom

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“If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you do good.”

How important do you think is looking good these days? For some it might be quite important, for some very important and for the rest – it’s the only way to go to the top. However, there are style lessons that every man should learn before building up their fashion quotient.

There are various ways to which you can avoid looking weird and pep up your look from top to bottom.

This blog does the work for and lays down the various no-fail tips to make you look appealing.

Do focus on every detail- that’s what makes it whole

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In order to look pleasing, the very thing that you need to understand is that it is not how you assemble your outfit, it is about how you present yourself. Look at the smaller details of what looks good on your physique rather than what looks good on others. At the end, what matters is how to present yourself.

Cuts of the articles matter more

If you are looking for those pieces that will look good on you, focus on the cuts. Because there’s no one universally appealing style. It’s about what cut of clothing and accessory will emphasize the best parts of you and your personality.

Looking good is proportional to smelling good

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If you look good and people are ignoring you, there’s a big chance of you not smelling pleasing to them. A pleasing personality looks and smells good at the same time. Invest in a perfume that’ll stay longer on you without overpowering your personality yet creating an aura for you.

Do not feel inferior if you are overweight or underweight

Looking appealing definitely, expects you to look good. However, if you dress according to your body type, you’ll surely score some points there. Carry yourself well and complement your physique with the right clothing articles. In fact, you can always pep up your look with a pair of men’s underwear that works for you. For example, if you’ve got thunder thighs- boxer brief underwear, no visibility in the back – butt lifting underwear and so much more. Just keep that right!!

Ill fit kills

Ill Fit Giphy

Ill-fitting clothes are the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you are in love with comfort and appearance, you would not commit this crime.

Groom yourself well

Grooming Giphy

Without being fully groomed, you cannot come across as appealing to anyone. With your hair all messy and the beard untrimmed grass, you need to give a reality check to yourself. No one would want to come closer to a guy who isn’t well maintained.

Stay fit than lean/fat

Exercise Giphy

Work on yourself and show yourself some love by hitting the gym for your own good. It won’t only make you look good; it’ll give your peace of mind. Exercise and indulge in fitness sessions that can help you look and feel amazing.

Be confident

When you are confident from within, it’ll make you look pleasing on the outside. So, wear that confidence and nothing will stop you.


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