Work-Relationship struggles?- 5 Balancing tips

Now more than ever, we find couples finding it difficult to keep a balance between work-relationship. With various studies being conducted every now and then surveying people of how they balance their life and work. These studies make it visible that how overworked people are and how their professional life has been interfering with their personal life.

Work-Relationship Balancing Tips

Where both you and your significant other are workaholics as well as share the same problems as well, it gets difficult to understand the other person’s point of view. Giving a larger chunk of your day to your workplaces, by the time you come home, you’re dead tired to do anything else. Being a workaholic woman, I myself understand this scenario quite well.

The level of stress is constantly increasing with a woman playing so many roles altogether. Being a professional she needs to give her best at work while being a mother, daughter, sister, wife, or a girlfriend she is expected to play her role exceptionally well. Well, it is a difficult situation to handle but not impossible.

How am I supposed to handle it, you might ask?

Well, below mentioned balancing tips will help you feel better and keep a healthy balance between work and relationships.

1. Don’t bring all the work stress home


Your family has its own problems and bringing your work stress home would not help at all. In fact, there are chances that you add oil to the fire burning at home. Sharing your troubles with your partner definitely is a thing to do because it builds your relationship stronger. However, if you keep on cribbing over the problems every day and every time you sit down to communicate, it will turn into nagging. Don’t sound like you’re complaining but share some of the stressful events like a story or an experience that you want to share. Just be selective in what you choose and needs to be told to your partner (family).

2. Have your own quiet time


With a long stressful day at work and your significant other sharing his part of stress with you at night, you might get too bugged up. Wake up in the morning before everyone else do (you would definitely wake up before them to do the morning preparations), have some quiet with yourself. You can read something that calms your mind or meditate or even practice yoga to have a fresh morning that leads to a happy day ahead at work. You can even stay quiet and think about what to share (the above point) in the evening. Let go of your formals and grab some ultra-comfortable clothes while you think of what you’ll do now.

3. Keep a balance between positives and negatives


When you surround yourself with a lot of positives negatives seem to stay at bay. When you talk about your day and what you did, remember to indulge in the positive talking rather than bringing out the negative. It would lead to more stress. After all, you want your partner to feel positive as well, instead of leaving him with a knot in his stomach. If you share happy times, you will look forward to having happy moments at work as well and this will lead to a better you.

4. Create more time

Create more time

You know you cannot outsource your office work to anyone but there’s always scope to do the same in terms of household chores. From cleaning the dishes to sweeping the floors, you can always have to housekeep for doing these petty chores that take a hell lot of time. The time saved can be utilized in spending time with your family members and specifically with your partner. After all, you know how to keep your man happy. This, as a result, will be noticed by him and will definitely appreciate your efforts of spending time with him. In fact, if in between you creating more time for him and the “us” there comes a problem at work, your partner will come out as more supportive one and also help you deal with the problem.

5. Make strict demarcations


When you are at work, make sure you focus completely at work not thinking about how your partner would be doing. Likewise, when you are at home doing anything with your family, make sure you shut out every work possibility. Exceptions are always there but don’t make it a routine to involve the other world in where you are at the moment. This would smudge your personal and professional world which, we all know isn’t a very cool thing to happen.

Put in equal efforts in both your work and relationships. Don’t let any of them down because you couldn’t cope up with the stress given by the other.


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