Sick and Tired of Wearing Underwear the Old Way?

I just got into my new relationship like 3 months before. We were about to make some naughty love in the bed when my partner burst out laughing saying that my underwear style was pretty old, well he was wearing a skimpy piece of article which was much sexier than mine. Now it’s a cute order from his side to upgrade my wardrobe. So last week, I was just going through an online store of underwear for the refreshments when I noticed an unbelievable collection of styles. I was just curious about them when I called my partner and he was much brilliant in explaining them to me. If you are also one of the victims who is looking for an upgrade, scan on the below blog to find out.


An ideal kind of underwear, which is usually comfortable and breezy down there due to the loose fitting construction. In terms of coverage, some of them cover till your thighs.


Men's Brief Underwear

This is the one that I have been owning for years. This traditional style of brief underwear provides a complete coverage, both at the front and back. Generally, preferred by men who wear suits due to the snug fit.

Boxer Brief

Men's Boxer Brief Underwear

Boxer brief is a combination of boxer and brief. It has the length of a boxer but fitting of a brief. It provides maximum movement of legs due to its snug fit nature and flexibility.


Men's Thong Underwear

Thongs are the trendy innerwear that offers all the essential comfort and support like the normal briefs. They range in different styles and occasions as well. It provides a pouch at the front to hold the genitals, with minimum fabric at the back that can fade out as soon as it passes through the butt crack.


Men's G-String Underwear

This was what my partner was donning for the special date. He insisted me also to get one. G-strings are skimpier than the thongs. Some of its style features nothing more than a tiny pouch in the front to cover the anatomy. A string from the bottom of the pouch goes right at the back and is attached to the waistband. Due to the less fabric, it can avoid the protruding lines on your pants as well.


Men's C-String Underwear

C strings are skimpier than g-strings. It is the world smallest men’s thong underwear. It is strapless and contains just a single pouch to cover the manhood.


Men's Jockstrap Underwear

Jockstraps are like thongs but they have two straps for backside support. They are best for men indulging in high-impact sports as it provides maximum support and protection.


Men's Bikini Underwear

Bikinis are usually considered to be a swimwear which is not true. These are in fact the underwear styles for men, out of which some of the types can be a swimwear. The underwear style has a contouring pouch to hold the manhood and has enough fabric to provide coverage at the front and back.

However, all the above styles come in different fabrics like sheer, mesh and lace to raise the sex appeal. The other fabrics were cotton. Nylon, rayon etc. I also found Men’s leather underwear which had a racy look due to its snug fit nature. There was a blend of spandex or LYCRA in some styles which is to increase the flexibility of the undergarment. They also provide enhancements like the pouch underwear which lifts the manhood to give it a perfect shape. Try some of these men’s underwear styles at the online stores like


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