Proofs that your Man is in Love with You


You might or might not know it but men do have a variety of styles when it comes to expressing their love for you. Some might have it in their eyes that they’re head over heels for you whereas; some might say it out loud. There are also men who wouldn’t express their feelings to you but you know that they are in love with you. However, there are men who wouldn’t say it and don’t love you either as well as those who say it but are not crazy about you.

Hard to understand but this blog would try its best to give you proofs that your man is in love with you for real and is not planning to ditch you in the long run.

  • They’ll be there when you need them most

It is understood that you are you are in let’s say New York and your partner is in Illinois, but when you actually need him, he’ll be there. Not for probably all the happy moments, but when you need to hug him hard for a matter of fact that he’s the only one, a true lover would never back down. Even if not by physical presence, he’ll be there to comfort you by emotionally being in touch.

  • Dresses well just to make you happy

Well, a true gentleman dresses well to make his point stronger as well as for a more appealing personality, a true lover would dress to impress his partner. Whether it is a casual date at home or their first anniversary together, he’ll dress so that you find him appealing. Whether it’s his outfit or his men’s designer underwear, he’ll do everything to make you feel good. Now, talking about the underneath fashion, (which is a necessity) there are a variety of reasons to wear sexy men’s underwear styles like male thongs or low rise bikinis for men or something else. The idea can be to make you feel tempted or just to flaunt his sex appeal.

  • He’ll make you his partner in crime

Please don’t misunderstand the word crime with the actual offensive activities. When he’ll make you his partner in all the things he loves whether it hanging out with his friends or watching the game together, he’s surely going to stay. He’ll not thin twice of including you in plans where he probably should go alone for various reasons but he’ll want you to be a part of the plan coz he is in love with you.

  • Gives you your personal space

Trust me when I say, personal space is heaven which is only meant for you. Nobody, I mean nobody has the right to come into your personal space until you allow them. A true man would never intrude in your personal space until asked or given the right. Even after being the true lover, he’d make sure that you can breathe free without his interference in probably everything.

Do you have a different proof of a true lover? Do let us know comments below.


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