Joe Snyder Pride Jockstrap Pink

Designed by Joe Snyder, the exotic Pride Jockstrap Pink a supportive cum sexy pouch in lavender pink base with subtle black striping on the front and a triangular cut-out on the top for easy access. A perfect pair of men’s underwear, that is apt for both fashionable and functional purposes.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Jockstrap Pink

The triangular shaped pouch also features a minuscule Joe Snyder logo on the edge of the cut-out. The pouch is held by the sturdy black colored waistband that sits proudly below the natural waistline in order to prevent riding up from low waist trousers. The modern men’s jockstrap underwear features conventional rear straps that pass under the buttocks to provide the plump look even in the pants. On the other hand, the fabric composition of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex is what keeps everything dry and comfortable down there.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Jockstrap Pink

The color variations available complement your versatile clothing as well as your moods.


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