How To Fold Men’s Underwear Properly?

BLOGS-4You must be thinking that this blog is a total waste of time because you already know to do that. But let me tell you something, that after a while you’ll just keep throwing your men’s underwear and clog your top drawer. You won’t be even able to look for the pair of your favorite pair of fashion underwear in that mess.

This blog talks about the easy steps to fold your men’s brief underwear properly to organize your top drawer.

Lay it down flat: Use the table or the ironing stand and place your designer underwear with the front facing upwards. This will easily allow you to fold the edges of the apparel style.

Fold the crotch up: Visualize the brief at a triangular object and pick up the lower end and fold it up to the waistband. Make it a clean fold.

Roll it across: When done with the first fold, pick up one end of the style and roll it across till the other end. This will make sure that the style occupies less space in the closet and you get to look for them easily.

There are other ways also to fold the respective style such as folding it the same way and in the last/third step; you fold the two ends to the meet at the center. This will give a flattened appeal to the style.

You can follow the same steps to fold other styles such as men’s bikinis, men’s g-strings and men’s thong underwear.

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