Top 5 Men’s Brief Underwear Brands At Mensuas

Men’s brief underwear is cut designed and so it fits tightly on the body of any man. They are more comfortable when worn and it clearly defines the body of men. Some men go with it as they are considered as traditional designer underwear. It is sexier and is only one of its kinds as they are more structured in fitting. It provides more support during the athletic play. It shows off the well toned physical type of men.

Whether classic, colorful or crazy, our selection of briefs is vast enough to meet your brief underwear needs. Briefs now come in an assortment of cuts. Now you can find low rise briefs, square cut briefs (called trunks) bikini briefs and briefs with a contour crotch or your traditional double layered working fly.

Some of the brands at Mensuas offer the most unique array of this fashion underwear for men. Let us lay down the top 5 brands.

Agacio: Agacio has earned the first position for all the good reasons. The brand offers the most comfortable assortment of men’s briefs with Mensuas. Starting from the basic to the most desirable stripes; Agacio has it. The unique sack lifting technique offers a subtle lift to the manhood.


Intymen: Intymen is another contender that is offering an array of sexy underwear that are loved by the wearers. The line of briefs by the brand is sexy, sporty and very functional. Intymen has something for everyone; whether you seek enhancement or cradle like freedom, sporty looks or sexy colors, you’ll find it at Mensuas by Intymen.


Good Devil: This devilish brand offers the traditional style with a touch of its eroticism to it. Offerings by the sexy underwear brand Good Devil are hot, sexy and functional. However, it is the most subtle category by the brand and others are more– of you know how they are. But Good Devil is in the good books of the modern male population for the sexiness it offers.


Pikante: One of the most colorful brands known to man, Pikante has a lot of functionality and colors to offer its wearers. The unique brand offers exquisite fabrics like denim and more to appeal its customers. And voila! The brand is great so far.


Cover Male: However, Cover Male is one of the most faithful brands that offer classy and sexy underwear the fashion-conscious men; it also offers functionality in them. The line of briefs by the brand is comfortable and semi-sensuous (sheer fabric and all). Other styles are also a treat for the eyes by Cover Male.


These were the top 5 brands available at Mensuas and watch this place for more.


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