How To Find The Correct Men’s Jockstrap Size?

99133-Black-M-600x600Many of you might have heard a lot which men’s underwear style is correct for you and how should you choose your correct pair and other aspects. Have you ever seen the size chart on the product page? Most of wouldn’t have even noticed it there and the rest would have but didn’t care to open it and consult it once. The whole point of these questions was to ask you that do you know your correct underwear size? Let’s take up men’s jockstrap underwear and discuss that how do you find the correct size.

Men’s Jockstrap initially designed as supportive and protective intimate apparel for the athletes; now also is available for fashion purposes.

Some men tend to wear their jockstrap underwear under or over their everyday undergarments like men’s briefs or men’s boxer briefs underwear. So, if you are one of them, choose just one size bigger than the normal size. Because like sweaters or any other clothing that has to be worn something else should be a little bigger than the accurate size.

Measure your waist with the help of a measuring tape. Make sure you measure the widest part of the waist or where you actually want to place the waistband of the fashion underwear. In case you’re planning to wear over any other men’s designer underwear, include that and then take the measurement.

Now the work gets easy here, go online, and select your favorite pair from the plethora of options available on the men’s underwear store. Compare your measurement with the given sizing options on the product page and choose the one that matches. For example,

  • 28-30 is equal to Small (in inches)
  • 32-34 is equal to Medium
  • 36-38 is equal to Large; and
  • 40-42 is equal to Extra large

Lastly, if you seek that extra protection for your sports activities then you must go for an external solid cup to cover your manhood from the harm. In case of leisure purposes or everyday wear, you can consider omitting this aspect because the cup might be a hindrance for your daily activities.

At Mensuas, you’ll find the various kinds of jockstraps for sports as well as pleasure purposes. The brands like Good Devil, Cover Male, Agacio, Candyman, Miami Jock, Ergowear and many others that offer various designs, enhancing techniques, and various options that appeal men’s taste and likes. Check out the inventory and choose as per your purpose of wearing this men’s sexy underwear.


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