Show It All Off With Men’s Thongs

Thong underwear has come a long way since the style was introduced for the dancers to cover their privates and gradually it became one of the most desired intimate apparel. Gradually the style was adopted by the men’s underwear industry. Today, men’s thong underwear style is constantly growing and has become the fastest growing trends. There are a variety of thongs for men available in the market.

Thongs are characterized by a very thin strap of fabric which runs along the center of the garment and sits between the buttocks. These are categorized on the basis of form and type which includes traditional thongs and g-strings.

Types of Men’s Thongs:

• Traditional Thongs: The traditional sexy underwear was designed for the Sumo wrestlers who wore it while fighting with their opponent. With a tiny piece of fabric that covered the front and a thing strap/ string that passes through your buttocks and attaches to the waistband.

• G-string Thong: The men’s g-string is the skimpier version of the traditional thongs. The difference between the two versions is the amount of fabric composition used in both. The former has a thicker back coverage whereas; the latter has a string-like back fabric. Another difference is that the traditional ones might or might have a broad waistband but the men’s g-string has a string waistband that holds the entire piece together.

Purpose for Men’s Thong:

• Feeling of freedom: The revealing construction of the erotic underwear is for the exotic feeling of freedom. The minimum coverage provides a lot of breathability to the privates with a lot of leg movement.

• Smooth rear: The underwear lines coming out of the tight pants make you feel embarrassed? Switch to thong underwear for men and you’ll be relieved from the nasty lines, protruding from the pants.

• Sexy feeling: The exotic underwear makes you feel a lot sexier than you actually are. The apparel boosts in the sex appeal as well a lot of confidence to keep you going through the day or the night.

At Mensuas, there are over 50 plus brands that offer the most exquisite assortment of men’s thong underwear that may or may not be functional but are surely a pair of designer underwear. Brands like Good Devil, Miami Jock, Candyman and many more offer something that appeals to the eyes as well as spices up the date nights whereas, Agacio, Intymen, Ergowear, etc are the ones that craft functional pairs.

So, whether the idea is to tease and tempt or enhance and lift, Mensuas is the one stop destination for all your needs and wants in terms of men’s underwear.


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