Benefits of Shopping at Mensuas

All of us know that there areFeatured image more than hundred of websites that offer different kinds of men’s underwear. Then, what makes Mensuas so different from the others? There are ample of reasons that make the portal so famous. It is one of the leading men’s underwear and swimwear online store providing high quality products.

Now let’s list out the aspects that set apart the online store from others.

a)MENSUAS MONEY: Now you must be thinking what’s that? Mensuas Money is an exciting offer for the customers. In this, you get 5% reward points for every purchase you make at the store. Simply, if you shop for $20, 1$ will be discounted from the bill. This starts from the second transaction one makes. The benefit of this offer is that you cut down on your bill as it can be clubbed with any ongoing discount or sale on the website. And the best part is that it does not have a validity. So you can use them anytime.

b)INSURANCE POLICY: Does every web portal give insurance facilities also? Nope, I don’t think so. At Mensuas, with just a minimal amount of $2 your package/order gets insured. In case the package gets lost and is not delivered, we replace the order with no additional cost. This is especially beneficial for international customers and highly recommended.

c)REFERRAL PROGRAM: The Referral Program by Mensuas gives you an opportunity to earn some Mensuas Money. In this case, you invite your friends to register at Mensuas and if they do register following the link, they earn $5 Mensuas Money. When they make their purchase, you earn 5$ Mensuas Money. Interesting? Start sending the referral link to all your friends and start collecting the dollars.

d)FREE SHIPPING: The free shipping service is applicable on all domestic orders above $50 and all international orders above $100. You have the option of choosing the different delivery systems for better and quicker delivery. This ensures that your domestic orders can be delivered within 2 to 5 days whereas, the international orders take 6 to 30 days depending on the delivery plan used.

e)SALES AND DISCOUNTS: The attractive ongoing discounts at Mensuas, are good fortune for your pockets and underwear drawer. It’s like pampering yourself with the most basic apparel that makes you feel confident and caressed under your clothes. We believe in rewarding our faithful customers and build a long-term relationship with them. Our different discounts are that way of expressing our love for you all.

The above points make Mensuas special. We, at Mensuas believe our customers are worth the special treatment. Hence we offer great customer service to you all. With all this, we offer 100% authentic merchandise and full customer satisfaction.


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