One Stop Destination for Boxer Briefs

intymen is the biggest website for men’s briefs. It has something for everyone. Be it thongs, men’s bikini, briefs and shapewears. Today we’ll take a glimpse at the range of Boxer Briefs available at

Intymen Boxer Briefs
Intymen offers a big range of boxer briefs. From Pouch Mini boxers to Electric boxers, Bold Pouch boxers to Sleek boxers, Screen Pouch boxer to Sports boxers, Fill It boxers to Fill It Flex boxers.

  • Pouch Mini boxers are the simplest form boxers designed by Intymen. Keeping the basic colors, these briefs are intimately contoured on the thighs and around the package. With full backside coverage, it also maintains the level of comfort in the front.
  • Electric boxers, as the name mentions are available in the most electric colors like Fuscia, orange,green, lime and blue. With full coverage on the back, it gives minimal coverage on the front. It has been contoured at the right place of the pouch giving the package the lift and hold it needs.
  • Bold Pouch boxers by Intymen are designed keeping  comfort in mind. They have an elastic waistband with the logo of the brand that keeps the underwear intact. The boxers have contrast colored outlines on the thighs and the pouch. The contoured pouch has been tailored to refrain the package from moving.
  • Sleek boxers are the skin hugging underwear that loves you all the way. The brand name printed on the thigh gives an assurance of a faithful brand Intymen.  With all these qualities, it is a must have.
  • Screen Pouch boxers are designed for the men who like to show. With a sheer pouch to show off the package, these boxers are intimately contoured to hug you at the right places.
  • Sports boxers are crafted with sports mesh material. Sexily contoured on the sides and waist it gives the package a reason to be comfortable.
  • Fill It boxers and Fill It Flex boxers have a built in C- Ring that enhances your package and keeps it from shifting while on the move. They have a shiny black elastic waistband with the brand name. The difference between the two are that combination of Cotton and Spandex are used in the former and Nylon and Spandex for the latter.

Agacio is a very a well known name in the men’s underwear industry. It caters a huge range of briefs for men. Some of the styles are Long boxers, Short boxers, Basic boxers and Basic Low Rise boxers.

  • Long boxers are the Low Rise briefs available in stripes and solid colors. The striped boxers further streamlined to horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Beautiful color combinations with trendy Agacio elastic waistband makes it the go getter. They are perfect for the athletic men who need flexibility and style in one.
  • Short Stripes boxers are designed with the sack- lifting technology that uplifts the package and holds it in the right place. With the sexy low rise cut and an elastic waistband, it gives a smooth look on your body.
  • Basic boxers are yet another masterpiece by Agacio made with the sack-lifting technology that gives the perfect fit pouch to men. The fabric combination of Modal and Spandex gives the skin-like feeling to the body and the apt amount of comfort and stretch men need. It comes with a no fly option.
  • Basic Low Rise boxers share the same qualities of Basic boxers. In addition, they have a black elastic waistband with Agacio logo making it more appealing.

Good Devil
Good Devil delivers the most trendy and stylish men’s underwear. It offers a variety of men’s boxer briefs like Rotica Sheer boxers, Zoom boxers, Ballz-Out boxers, Lace boxers and Pouch boxers.

  • Rotica Sheer boxers are designed to bring out the naughty side of your personality. With the meshed boxer, it reveals your rear but the pouch has been designed for the no show. Available in the basic color black, let’s get to action.
  • Zoom boxers are tailored for the low rise fit. They are perfectly contoured around the pouch to uphold your package. As the name says it zoom in at the right place. They are available in all the bright colors one can think of.
  • Ballz-Out boxers are crafted for the wildest fantasies. The name itself lays it all out for you. The sexy pouch opening gives your balls room to breathe.
  • Lace boxers are made with love, with the intention of bringing out the sophisticated yet naughty side of you. Combination of Nylon and Spandex give the feeling of comfort whereas, the sheer lace gives a sneak peek into what’s inside.
  • Pouch boxers gives a feeling of a gift wrap. Pouch boxer by Good devil has a black waistband to give a perfect fit. The pouch has been contoured in a circle black mesh form to show off the package.

There is a lot for men at to choose from. Select what defines you as a person as well as think out of the box and try something new.


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